Audition Packages

Whether your audition needs to be on-camera or just voiceover, we've got you covered with a professional look and sound.

At Lambert Studios, you can record your audition using professional-grade equipment, have it professionally edited, and receive expert direction to give you the edge you need to compete.

How It Works...

We can usually shoot/record your audition the same day you receive the notice depending on our schedule. If you received an email from your agent with taping instructions, please forward it to us with your request for an appointment so we'll have all the pertinent details.

Your session will last approximately 30 minutes which should give you plenty of time to practice with your copy several times, receive feedback, record and edit it. We'll even email it to your agent or casting director for you. (You'll get a copy too.)

For on-camera auditions, please come camera-ready (light makeup is recommended for men) and don't wear anything with logos or a busy pattern.

THIS STUDIO SESSION WAS INCREDIBLE! If you want to record an audition that is nothing less than spectacular, go to Lambert Studios. They are efficient and will not quit on takes until you are satisfied. Also after you are finished shooting your slate and scene Lambert Studios will professionally edit audio and video right there in front of you. Within my one hour session he had sent a finished product to my agent and I highly recommend this studio for any audition taping you have to do.

-Justin A. Duncan

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