8mm/Super8 Film Conversion

Our film-to-video conversion will give new life to old memories stuffed away in your attic.

Full HD 1080p

We scan each frame of your film into full HD 1080p images, that are then assembled into a standard MP4 digital format. And because 8mm and Super 8 films run at 16 frames per second (fps), we convert it to today's standard of 30fps while preserving the original speed of your film.

Optional Music Track...

It's rare to have 8mm and Super 8 film that contains audio. Therefore, we do not have the equipment to convert film with audio. However, we can add a music track of your choice for an added fee of $75. 

Optional pick-up service!

Don't want to drive to Little Elm? We'll come pick up your films anywhere in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex for a $50 transport fee. Then we'll bring them back to you when we're done.

Care for your films...

We will do everything within our power to handle your treasured memories with care. However, film tends to get brittle with age and may break during the conversion process. We cannot accept liability for films that break and will ask you to sign a waiver before we begin the conversion process.

The Price...

We charge $0.25 per foot of film.  Here's a breakdown of how much film you can expect to find on your reels...

Diameter of Reel Film Length (when full) Approximate Running Time
3 inches 50 feet 3-4 minutes
4 inches 100 feet 7-8 minutes
5 inches 200 feet 14-16 minutes
6 inches 300 feet 21-24 minutes
7 inches 400 feet 28-32 minutes

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