Actor Reels

The actor reel is a short compilation (60 seconds) of your work and is essential in finding more work. If you don't have material for an actor reel, some agents will accept a casting slate or a compilation of audition videos as long as the quality is excellent (meaning no auditions shot with smartphones.)

Different categories of actor reels include:

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Spokesperson

What I Need From You...

1Your Videos

Once you've clicked the "Order Now" button below, I'll send you a Dropbox link so you can upload all your material to our server. Please make sure your video files are in the highest resolution possible (HD or better) for best results. If the video is below 720p, it will appear blocky or fuzzy in your final reel.

I can accept the following formats:

    • MP4 (or MPEG)
    • WMV (Windows Media)
    • AVI
    • H.264
    • Quicktime

Note: I will not convert DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, iTunes media, or any format not listed above.

2 Instruction Document

Please include a document that identifies each file along with where each scene is using approximate times within the video. Please be aware that it's difficult to include more than 4 or 5 cuts in a 1-minute reel so list your cuts in order of preference.

Also, please include your (or your agent's) contact info for inclusion at the end of the video if you'd like.

3 Headshot

I can include this at the beginning or end of your reel along with your contact info.