ADR Recording

Lambert Studios is the perfect venue for recording ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement.) We have worked on several seasons of the NBC television shows Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire, the Fox hit TV show Star and the MTV reality show The Ride.

We have a very comfortable air-conditioned recording booth specially built by equipped with video monitor and utilize both shotgun and lavaliere microphones for recording. Using Adobe Audition CC, we can accept MOV, MP4, & OMF formats and can convert our session files to ProTools if needed.

We also have SourceConnect available for editors who aren't local to D/FW and want to take part in the ADR session. Don't have SourceConnect? No problem! SourceConnect NOW will allow you to listen in and take part using only your Google Chrome browser.

Session Fees

Here's a breakdown of our session rates...

  • First Hour: $375
  • Each additional quarter-hour: $37.50
  • Session-preparation, packaging & delivery: $150

Call Us!

Contact us today at (214) 556-5323 or to discuss your project.