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Starting a voiceover career can be a difficult road to navigate. Should you build a home studio? What kind of equipment do you need? Do you need an expensive recording booth? What recording software is best? Should you get an ISDN line or Source-Connect? Where do you find the jobs? Should you get an agent or become a freelancer? What about pay-to-play websites? How about self-marketing? Should you produce your own demo or hire a professional? (Hint: Always hire a professional.)

I'm a Telly Award-winning voiceover artist who has been working in the industry for over 30 years

The industry has changed so much in just the last decade and even more during the pandemic. In the last couple of years, I had to reinvent how I found voiceover work and, today, I'm booking several jobs per day!

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Check out more videos at www.davidhmlambert.com.

Let's talk about you!

Meet with me for about an hour and a half in my studio and we'll talk about you, your background, the voiceover industry as it exists today, and how you'll fit into it. I'll even put you in the recording booth to read some voiceover copy and we'll find your strengths and weaknesses. (You might even consider this to be a mini-workshop.) Then we'll lay out a plan to get you started or get you up to speed on how the industry works today.


Having worked in the voiceover industry since the early '90s and in the entertainment industry as a whole since the early '80s, I can help you find additional experience and/or training, headshot photographers, talent agents, whether you should try the pay-to-play voiceover websites, and if you need a demo you've come to the right place. I can even offer equipment recommendations to get you started on setting up your computer for recording auditions.

Online Consultations Now Available!

Generally, we prefer to meet with you in person to give you the full studio experience but if you don't live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can meet with you online using Zoom Meetings! Although a webcam would be preferred, it's not required on your end. All you'll need is a computer and/or smartphone.

Select "Voiceover Consultation (Online)" on our appointments page and we'll send you a meeting invitation and some VO copy to get familiar with ahead of time.

After the consultation, I'll send you a video of our session to refer back to.

The Price

The price of this consultation is only $85 (plus a small payment processing fee.) But wait! If you decide to record a voiceover demo with us within 30 days of your session, the amount you already paid will be applied to the cost of the demo. (Not valid with any other discount offer.) Please note: We will add credit card processing fees at checkout.

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