Voice Sample - Demo Lite!

The voiceover demo is the calling card of the professional actor who works primarily in voiceover.  But not every actor focuses on voiceover work and, therefore, doesn't wish to sink precious resources into a fully-produced demo.  And some talent agencies just need a sample of your voice on their website or showcase service.

Demo vs. Sample...

With our voiceover demo package, we record 8-10 commercial spots in a 2-hour recording session and mix clips together into a 60-second demo.  We also include a session director and a free online profile to showcase your demo.  The entire package, while still the best deal in the area, is still a bit of an investment.

With a Voice Sample, we record a single 60-second commercial spot and fully produce it with a music bed.  You'll receive a copy in MP3 format.  The entire process will usually take about 30-45 minutes.

Please note: We will add credit card processing fees at checkout.


Most agents have access to commercial voiceover copy used for audition purposes.  If you're still having difficulty, there are some great online resources like Edge Studios where they have a selection of over 5,000 free voiceover scripts. You'll need to create an account for access, but that's free too.

Select a single 60-second commercial spot, rehearse it, then bring it in to record!

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