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Mark Fickert, the world’s most famous unknown celebrity, started off his entertainment career in Dallas Public Schools convincingly portraying a “B” student. Studying acting and writing in New York, Mark continued in show business with such roles as carpenter, valet, waiter and pleat salesman. Additionally, he jobbed around as different inanimate objects for Broadway theatre rehearsals and trained as a Daylight Savings Mime.

Returning to Dallas and hoping to get work as a "No Dumping" sign, he instead started Dallas’ first comedy group, “Random Scam” and played many local bars and comedy clubs; ofttimes face down on the sidewalk outside. He has appeared at almost every professional theater in the DFW area, including Theater 3, Dallas Theater Center, Circle Theater and Stage West.

The back of Mark's head is instantly recognizable from various TV commercials, old "Dallas" and “Walker: Texas Ranger” episodes as well as hundreds of Industrial (strength) Films. Feature films include “Blue Sky”, “Streamers” and made the most of the opportunity to beat the stuffing out of Matthew McConaughey in “Newton Boys”. He is a founding member of Dallas’ longest-running comedy/improv group “4 Out of 5 Doctors”.

His hobbies vary from subdued narcolepsy to multiloquence and he is an active competitor and dedicated fan of Cat Sports. He last appeared at the Coin-Op Laundromatic as a clean change of underwear, continuing his long line of unmentionable roles.

Mark Fickert – Safe for children and he won’t harm pipes!

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