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License Levels

The following levels of registration are available: Lite, Standard, Professional, Professional Plus and Platinum. The table below shows a comparison of the functionality available with these levels, as well as the functionality of the Demo version.

Additional documentation and help can be found here.

Feature Demo Lite Standard Professional / Pro Plus / Platinum Note
Sound File Support
WAV, MP3 and WMA Y Y Y Y 1
AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) and OGG (Ogg Vorbis) Y Y Y
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and APE (Monkey's Audio) Y
Multi-Channel Files Y Y Y Y
ASIO support Y Y Y
SM-S support Y Y
Video File Support
Still Image File Support
Cue Types
Audio File Cues Y Y Y Y
Stop/Fade-Out/Release (SFR) Cues Y Y Y Y 4
Level Change Cues Y Y Y
Playlist Cues Y Y Y
Video/Image Cues Y Y Y
Notes Y Y Y
'Go To' Cues Y Y
'Set Position' Cues Y Y
Control Send Cues - MIDI/RS232 Y Y
Control Send Cues - Telnet Y Plus/Plat
'Run External Program' Cues Y Y
Cue Play Control
Set Level and Pan for each Cue Y Y Y Y
Set Fade-In and Fade-Out Times Y Y Y Y
Dynamically Adjust Level and Pan Y Y Y
Set Start-At and End-At Times Y Y Y
Device Outputs (eg speakers)
Max. Output Channels per Production 4 2 4 16/32/512 5
Max. SCS Devices per Cue 2 1 2 8/16/16 6
Cue Activation Control
Manual Start ('Go' button or right-click) Y Y Y Y
Hot Keys Y Y Y Y
Auto-Start (following an earlier cue) Y Y Y
Time-of-Day Start (time-based cues) Y Y
MIDI Control (eg MSC) Y Y
RS232 Control Y Y
DMX Control Y Plus/Plat 7
Telnet Control Y Plus/Plat
Standby Cue Control Y Y
Cue Start Confirmation Y Plus/Plat
Cue Limits
Max. No. of Cues 25 40 80 unlimited 8
Other Features
Print Cue List Y Y Y Y
Customize Displayed Cue List Y Y Y Y
Re-Number Cues Y Y Y
Bulk Edit Cues Y Y
Select Colors Y Y Y
Lock Editing and Options Y Y Y Y
Create/Resync Production Folder Y Y Y Y
Import/Export Cues Y Y Y Y
Favorite Cue Files Y Y


  1. SCS may not be able to play WMA files with DRM protection (Digital Rights Management). You may get the message 'License Required'.
  2. Provided the necessary CODECs are installed. Generally speaking if the video file can be played by Windows Media Player then the CODEC will be installed and so the video can be played by SCS.
  3. GIF and other image formats are not currently supported.
  4. 'Hibernate' options in SFR cues are not available with SCS Lite.
  5. Output channels are physical outputs on sound cards / audio interfaces. For example, a 7.1 sound card has 8 output channels and with an SCS Standard license you will be able to use up to 4 of these channels. These could be set up as 4 mono outputs, or 2 stereo outputs, or 1 stereo output and 2 mono outputs, or 1 4-channel output (although that is unlikely).
  6. SCS Devices are logical devices that you define in your Production Properties. They may be given device names like 'Front' for the front speakers, 'USL' for an upstage-left speaker, etc.
  7. For DMX Control you need an Enttec 'DMX USB PRO'. (Note that the cheaper Enttec 'Open DMX USB' is not suitable as this only supports DMX Send, not DMX Receive.)
  8. The Max. No. of Cues includes all cue types. For example, if you have 30 audio file cues and 20 SFR cues this counts as 50 cues, which means you will need either the Standard or a higher level license. Combined cues (eg a sound file cue and stop cue combined) count as a single cue.